Dominus Solo rules for Street Fighter RPG

Here is a translation of Giovane do Monte’s Dominus Fighter supplement, which provides a solo system for Street Fighter; layout was by Eric “Musashi” Souza. I have previously translated Jhan Aragão’s Meet the Strongest SFRPG solo rules. Issue 18 of Warrior’s Fist also presented ideas for Solo Street Fighter.

Dominus Fighter uses a minimalist approach, as well as different ways to process the rules. For those players that prefer less rules this version should hit the spot, whilst I am sure others players would benefit from still taking a look, maybe inspiring ideas to fuse this with Meet the Strongest. Whether sticking with the default SFRPG setting, focusing on a Mortal Kombat Outworld invasion, or a traditional underdog sport story plot like Best of the Best, have fun and when in doubt maybe add ninjas. Check out: Dominus Fighter.

Here is a link to the folder of Street Fighter translations, which includes all the Warrior’s Fist (PdG) issues, the epic Circuit Guide, Circuit Guide – Basic, Solo, Spartacus, and the Mortal Kombat files. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

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