Solo rules for Street Fighter RPG

Here is a translation of the Meet the Strongest supplement, which provides a detailed solo system for Street Fighter; it is created by Jhan Aragão. Issue 18 of Warrior’s Fist presented ideas for Solo Street Fighter, however, Jhan’s work, which is an adaptation of SOLO 10 (see below), goes in to a lot more depth.

Meet the Strongest has a hexmap system for creating the playing area; the example city is Malibu in California. There are different tables for each of the hexmap sectors, providing plenty of prompts to guide and structure your stories. The system is designed to be flexible, not restrictive, so if you have a more specific idea, go for it. Jhan also includes ideas for variations of play style, including an option to include more players. If you want to make setup for a game even easier, Kabuki Town in the issues of Warrior’s Fist has a simple map presenting different regions that fit this table approach. Of course you can create maps for anywhere, building things up to even a world level; I can imagine some users creating multiple massive connected playing areas.

As the system is primarily focused around human locales, prompts are generally a mix of either day-to-day life encounters, or some type of criminal activity. I think this gives the prompts a more small-scale personal focus, grounded, but there are some hooks that can cover the more mystical aspects that exist in the Street Fighter. The overall effect is to give the feeling of a normal city, but with the PC traversing and spotting the countless aspects of the underbelly of society. There is nothing stopping someone following this supplement’s system and making a few tables to cover a solo mystical chronicle, or something more brutal like a Mortal Kombat style story.

Many thanks to Jhan Aragão for creating it, allowing the translation to go ahead, and helping to clarify a few things. As normal with my translations, thank you to Eric “Musashi” de Souza for his help. Overall I think is an excellent framework for solo games, all packaged in a lovely layout! Check it out: Meet the Strongest (Solo SFRPG).

Here is a link to the folder of Street Fighter translations, which includes all the Warrior’s Fist (PdG) issues, the epic Circuit Guide, Solo, Spartacus, and the Mortal Kombat files. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

SOLO 10 is an open license system created by 101 Games. For more information check out:

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Spartacus for Street Fighter RPG

This is another translation of a Street Fighter supplement by Eric “Musashi” de Souza; interestingly it also draws some inspiration from GURPS (another popular RPG in Brazil). The supplement builds upon the TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand (2010), which was inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator, who famously led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic from 73 to 71 BC; Third Servile War. Whilst the show is an intense watch, with a lot of graphic violence, nudity, and sex, it also manages to have interesting characters and tells a story.

Even for those who don’t want to play as Gladiators in the Roman Empire, this supplement still provides character stats that can be used in other Street Fighter settings; maybe a duelist tournament in Kabuki Town, or other locales. Although the Gladiator concept is focused on melee weapons, with no mystical powers, by utilizing articles from the Warrior’s Fist fanzine and/or the Mortal Kombat adaptions, it should be easier to tweak things. Imagine a mystical Roman Empire, by the slave revolts include ice ninjas and other empowered individuals. 😉

Spartacus SFRPG

Here is a link to the folder of Street Fighter translations, which includes all the Warrior’s Fist (PdG) issues, the epic Circuit Guide, Spartacus, and the Mortal Kombat files. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

Street Fighter MegaDumbCast

For quite a while I have pondered making a podcast talking about the fun old Street Fighter RPG, but a Podcast can be a lot of work, and with so few official books is the effort worth it? So, I decided to focus on the translations of Warrior’s Fist (Punho do Guerreiro) and other Brazilian fan supplements, plus my own projects and fiction. Recently, I nearly started a SFRPG podcast due to a chat on the Facebook group about tutorial videos. Thankfully, I now feel like I don’t need to, since Kris Newton of the MegaDumbCast recently finished a fantastic & funny analysis of the Secrets of Shadoloo.

I first came across the MegaDumbCast in September 2019 via Mage: the Podcast, which I have blogged about previously. Since then they have collaborated again: Making an Archmage Dating Sim with Kris Newton. A fun and interesting episode diving deep in to Mage’s metaplot and characters, plus the game concept sounded great!

The MegaDumbCast (MDC) has primarily focused on Palladium games, such as: Heroes Unlimited, Beyond the Supernatural, Transdimensional Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Ninjas & Superspies; so Kris is no stranger to fun RPGs focused on Martial Arts. MDC’s Secrets of Shadoloo series is extra special, with each episode focusing on a single page, methodically going through the whole book, and even the covers! Each page was scoured in search of clues, to then ascertain the many Secrets of Shadoloo. Consider the following clues: Ler Drit & Cross Fit, No Bull – a True Crime podcast, Shadoloo & Snacks, the importance of Turnstiles, and so much more is revealed.

Check the MDC Secrets of Shadoloo series: Episode 1, Front Cover. The MDC has also previously made episodes about new characters for SFRPG.

Mortal Kombat for Street Fighter RPG p2

Here is a translation of another Mortal Kombat supplement for Street Fighter RPG (SFRPG). As always, thank you to Eric for his help with the translations. 🙂

This one explores characters from MK4, plus provides a summary of the MK4 Shinnok storyline. The original work was by Fagner, based on the Mortal Kombat adaptation by Eric Henrique “Musashi” de Souza. Eric is also the editor for Punho do Guerreiro (Warrior’s Fist). This fan supplement has character sheets for: Tanya, Kai, Reiko, Jarek, Quan Chi, Fujin, and Shinnok! There is also a new special maneuver: Double-Hit Punch. Overall a great overview, even if you have no plans to run MK in your SFRPG, you could still use some of the fighters with minimal adjustment. PdG/WF Issue 24 presents the idea of running a Mortal Kombat: Conquest setting, maybe you’d like to foreshadow the Shinnok plot in a chronicle.

Download Mortal Kombat part 2.

To download the previous MK-SFRPG. Plus Bruno “Giryu” Barbosa created some Mortal Kombat arenas.

Here is a link to the folder for Warrior’s Fist, which includes all the issues, the Circuit Guide, and the Mortal Kombat files. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

Warrior’s Fist 24 Street Fighter Translation

Here is latest translation for the Street Fighter RPG (SFRPG) Brazilian fanzine: Punho do Guerreiro. Thank you to Eric and Giovane for the original issue, as well as their help with the translations.

This issue examines Karate Combat and how to implement this traditional fighting competition into Street Fighter. The next installment of the series looking at the origins of Elementals. This article looks at different Elemental cults, religious and cultural groups of mages (witches/sorcerers/etc.). There is a nice hint of Mage: the Ascension here as well, those conversion ideas were covered previously in WF8.

This issue looks at the idea of running a Mortal Kombat: Conquest setting, plus we are given character sheets for: Kung Lao, Siro, and Taja! I love the cheesy good fun with of that series, it had good character development, consequences, etc., and although I have run SFRPG games in that setting before, I never made sheets for the main characters, so it is great to see some.

The Forest Demon is an adventure about a chance to train with Ryu, but, well things go awry. The Maneuver of the Month is Butterfly Kick. This month’s Circuit Legend is the kickboxing legend: Tadashi Sawamura! Finally, information on the Brazilian Online Circuit.

Issue 24. Plus here is a link to the folder for Warrior’s Fist, which includes all the issues, the Circuit Guide, and the Mortal Kombat files. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

A barrow to die in~

Runeslinger has written a great article about Immersion and RPGs, as well as the cyclic nature of many RPG discussions.

Casting Shadows

An expression that has stuck with me since I first heard it metaphorically talks about being certain that the point for which one is arguing is worth the effort. Though I imagine many who read this will know the expression I mean, let’s be clear: “Be sure that this is a hill worth dying on.”

In life, we have many opportunities to stand on those hills, and some prove to be worth risking death to defend and others really do not. One such hill for me in my gaming life has turned out to be the concept behind the commonly-used term, ‘immersion.’ Given that this post will be about immersion and that the topic for many is one such hill, I hope readers will be willing to accept the creation of a new metaphor. This is not a real hill, most of it is imagined. We aren’t standing on it…

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Warrior’s Fist Special 08 Street Fighter Translation

Here is a translation of the latest issue of Punho do Guerreiro, a Brazilian fanzine for Street Fighter RPG (SFRPG). This end of year special provides us with many things. Giovane Do Monte has written about their experience using the Solo Adventure rules published in earlier editions. Ideal for this time of quarantine. The issue has two adventures:

  1. The Mountain of Dragon’s Bones – an archaeology adventure in China. Based upon the novel by Ivan Jaf.
  2. Metro City 90’s. An adventure set in Final Fight’s city around Martial Arts Kumitê tournament. This provides the PCs a chance to explore the dangerous Metro City, so this adventure could easily become a whole campaign.

The Circuit Legend is Nicholas Linnear, from the Ninja series by Eric Van Lustbader. There is also an extra NPC for the Circuit this month: Wii Fit Trainer. An … interesting individual! Lastly an interesting exploration of the idea of using just 1d10 for the Storyteller System.

Special Issue 8 A link to the folder for Warrior’s Fist; the whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

Street Fighter PDF Articles Index

I present a PDF of different tables presenting the numerous articles from Punho do Guerreiro (Warrior’s Fist) in different categories. A fantastic Brazilian fanzine for Street Fighter RPG (SFRPG).

I have also updated my online spreadsheet of PdG (WF) Articles that comes from the same database as the PDF. More details in this previous post: Street Fighter Article List Warrior’s Fist.

Thank you to the many contributors of Warrior’s Fist (WF). They have provided a treasure-trove of ideas. (Obrigado aos muitos contribuições da Punho do Guerreiro (PdG). Eles têm fornecido uma riqueza de ideias.)

A link to the folder for Warrior’s Fist; the whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂 For the Brazilian version:

WILD Kickstarter

I have been eagerly anticipating WILD: Dream Dive Training Simulation for several years. I started following the project after reading about it on Dave Chapman’s Autocratic blog in 2017. It has been interesting watching this project develop and to now come together for this Kickstarter campaign. The Kickstarter gives an excellent overview of Dave and Stoo’s backgrounds and why this project is in expert hands. So, what is the game about?

“WAKE · INITIATED · LUCID · DREAMING a roleplaying game using Tarot cards to explore the minds of dreamers”


“The WILD: Dream Dive Training Simulation is a tabletop roleplaying game that can be played solo, or with a group of friends with or without one player taking on the role of the DreamMaster.”

The game draws inspirations from many sources, in particular Inception. Other references: Falling Water, Reverie, Paprika, The Cell. Jumping ahead slightly to the likely important query about death and dreams? You can ‘die’ in the dream, which will wake the user, but there is a chance of consequences; so this is closer to Inception than a Nightmare on Elm Street.

“The development of the ALIS dreamshare device has changed the world.”

The Kickstarter has unlocked the ALIS user manual. This extra level of detail should empower the players’ imaginations, enhancing the immersion level of a game. An important part of how the ALIS works is that the primary dreamer matters in regards to how their dreams can be affected. An imaginative person is more likely to accept ‘wilder’ aspects; how much a dream can be stretched. A bland person’s dreams are more likely to break if pushed a lot. So understanding a dreamer’s plausibility scale for each individual will be part of the puzzle.

Originally Dave had been working with dice mechanics he called: Rapid Die Movement. The design moved to using Tarot cards (using one shared deck); the Kickstarter has unlocked custom artwork and cards for the game.

Digital Tools have been unlocked, a Website and a Mobile App. There will be a virtual deck that will allow cards to be drawn from it; the tools will explain card meanings. Additionally a digital character sheet, plus there will also be help with a walkthrough of character creation.

WILD – Fusion Power/Bonus

I do not know of an RPG with this specific dream focus. There are of course games that include dream manipulation, such as Changeling: the Dreaming with Oneiromancy, or the Dream related Contracts in Changeling: The Lost. Cthulhu has the Dreamlands, etc. But those games do not explore the ideas in the same way, plus lack mechanical framework around such exploration. So besides looking forward to playing WILD, I also look forward to fusing WILD with other games. In particular Mage: the Ascension and the World of Darkness / Chronicles of Darkness games I have mostly focused on recently. I explored fusion ideas in my blog post for One Child’s Heart, a game about entering the memories of a child to help provide therapy via a CLERS device. One Child’s Heart is exploring different territory to WILD, but interestingly, I can see these games complimenting each other wonderfully.

A Tales From the Loop game is another fusion idea I have had. ALIS could have been created after studying technology gained via the Loop. Likewise, the ALIS should be easy to add to the Cypher System games of Numenera or The Strange.

I have also been imagining a fusion with Street Fighter. A chance for a training simulator, aka the Matrix? Likewise fights with Agents, but the Agents being the subconscious defending itself like Inception.

Besides modern day role-playing settings, I can imagine using WILD to provide Fantasy or hard Sci-fi with something a bit different. For example, I have a campaign (#FatefulMemories) that is a fusion of: D&D Planescape (FR) + Mage: the Ascension + Cthulhu. Currently, the party is trying to understand the nature of a person who has been split in two, with one half being in Sigil, the other one being in the Forgotten Realms; these beings communicate with each other via their dreams, so could a dream quest be a way to figure out how this occurred and how they can be re-merged? The ALIS could be an artefact utilising crystals from different Realms, or maybe something linked to the Sehanine Moonbow, the Lady of Dreams, or similar god.

Please go and check the WILD out. Watch the fabulous introductory video explaining the technology, which should seal the deal. There is also a Hardship Sleeper level, providing a backer the PDF for just £5; very generous of the team.

The Dark Orb Meets WILD RPG Creators Stoo Goff & David F. Chapman

Effekt Interview: WILD Kickstarter

Warrior’s Fist 23 Street Fighter Translation

Here is another translation of Punho do Guerreiro, a Brazilian fanzine for Street Fighter RPG (SFRPG).

This issue examines gambling and a simplified way of handling Bookie. Taunts, lots of special maneuvers for all sorts of taunting! School of Combos 6 focuses on Focus.

Eric presents a personal piece: Narrating For World Warriors, about running games for his children. The article examines ways to modify things for different levels of players and characters, so practical as well as personal. 🙂

The first in a series looking at the origins of Elementals. In this issue: Animist Elementalists and Inanimae. The Arena is Pao Pao Café from King of Fighters. The Maneuver of the Month is Double Strike.

This month’s Circuit Legend is the amazing Israel Adesanya. Finally, an examination of Falling Damage, a funny topic in many RPGs.

Issue 23. A link to the folder for Warrior’s Fist; the whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂