24 #RPGaDay2020 Humour

One of my favourite chronicles was a Changeling: the Dreaming game, each session generally had from 7 to 9 players, most of them also played LARP, so there were used to staying IC for hours at a time and chatting. Changeling can easily bounce between a wonderful mix of colourful fun and dark sadness, often intercut with humour that matches the mood. Part of the secret to the fun for that campaign was, after the PCs resolved a bunch of problems I didn’t rush to introduce new plot threads, because they had shown a desire to dig into each other’s history, so. Several sessions later the PCs had a long journey to undertake, instead of redlining (Indiana Jones) or a random encounter to break the trip up and ‘prove’ it was a dangerous trip, instead it was a dysfunctional group road trip; lots of minibus dialogue and herding cat toilet breaks. Sadly most of the players moved away over the years, so were got to play another chronicle, but one of those PCs is still active.

Amongst my old various groups, three of those Changeling players were known for their comedy prowess. How they would sometimes frame their character actions and attire, the little details they would add, in addition to what they said, that did so much of the comedic heavy lifting. Over the decades chatting with those players in particular helped me appreciate more comedic RP, and how to change how I framed a game moment, to try and have more than a one-liner. I generally have to prepare a comedy scene in advance, still not an area that comes easy to me, but with practice I’ve improved a bit. Helpfully Tony Zhou made an Every Frame a Painting video explaining the power of visual comedy vs a one-line presented in a flat way:

Partly inspired by that chronicle, years ago I pondered having LT LARP character of many years become a stand-up comic. I tested some of the material and got a reasonable amount of laughter, granted in part because of how awful a few of the jokes intentionally were. I’d played this character on and off over 13 years by the time I considered it, the character had changed a lot, going from confused human, to part Sluagh, part Fate Elemental. Those plans got postponed as many things happened in game. My current Orion Sphere LARP character is sort of a joke, but I decided against trying to be a galactic comedian; maybe if this character dies… but they are fun to play, so I am not in a rush 😉

Street Fighter RPG

All the groups I’ve played with liked the optional rules for Activation Words. How we use breath is a major factor in exercise, and thus fighting. Grunts and other sound exertions have also been shown to be a factor, but that is a complex topic in real life. Back to SFRPG, character’s channelling their breath into particular sounds during special maneuvers is not too far from reality, for super powered individuals. 😉

The usefulness of energetic yells, kiai in Japanese, is itself a fascinating area of study. Whilst practicing various martial arts over the years I’ve come across a few novel shouts. I was told about my favourite kiai by a friend, one of their Taekwondo partners who would quickly shout “Get away!” whilst doing a front kick, although more like a Muay Thai teep; the speed and anger in that “Get away!” declaration was apparently shocking.

In my experience, Activation Words are generally seen as a fun comedic addition to the game. This is maybe why some of the players I’ve played with have used the old Batman TV series words, or utilised random generators to either use a gibberish word outright, or to modify real words.



Various Gobbledygook or Gibberish languages

Using different maneuver names and tweaking them with random syllables was one method I’ve used. For example the old Warhammer Slaves to Darkness (Realms of Chaos) random daemon name generator was one method I used in the past to make up nonsensical words: rhoouuy phaoq’ wailash ulaa http://www.paper-dragon.com/fantasyland/daemon.html

Angelic/Demonic or made up colours generator https://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=adname https://www.seventhsanctum.com/generate.php?Genname=color

A list of different shouts is collected at: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/Kiai

I’m tempted to make a decent generator, but that will likely be a bit of work; I guess not a productive use of time. Besides some players are happy with a dull but slightly silly, “No!” for Block, which has been chosen by several groups I’ve played with. Whilst one creative player had all sorts of words, like “Waadooy!” for a fast/springy maneuver, like Jump or Kippup. I shall ask the SFRPG community as maybe someone has already made a list, or even a generator.

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22 #RPGaDay2020 Rare

I love Artefacts/Artifacts, so when I was 11 I made sure players got access to them as quickly as possible in my naïve D&D games. Players actually complained about being given lots of magical items, explaining how I was undermining the value of everything.

The psychological impact that rarity has on us is a curious thing, like many things it is not straightforward. Whilst I own a lot of RPGs, I don’t have the money required to be a collector of rare books, but due to many RPGs being purchasable via PDFs, some older works are easier to acquire. Of course, like many others, I still like to own the physical RPG books as well. One day I might get justify the cost of GURPS Prisoner.

Whilst pondering Rare & RPG, I was reminded of the forgery skill at Lorien Trust LARP. If memory serves it was only available via the Scouts or Bards Guild. The skill was rarely used, in part because it required a lot effort to use in game, including OOC referee involvement, but also because if a forgery was detected, then the people would assume one of the Guild members with the skill most have done it. Pesky LARP logistics, maybe this issue has been resolved since I last played that game. This reminded me of an old TED speech about rarity, forgeries, value. Worth a quick watch if only for the explanation of Han van Meegeren duping Goering:

Street Fighter RPG

The impact rarity has on the power of characters is best exemplified by the “Inverse Ninja Law” taken from Dr McNinja:

“One ninja is an elite and powerful adversary. Multiple ninjas make a group of faceless and incompetent pawns.”

I love/hate parallel world ideas; I mentioned I am running a multiverse game, WoD: Sliders, for Day 21. Jet Li’s film The One explores this idea in a daft but fun way 😉

Having reread GURPS Infinite Worlds recently, I contemplated making a MultiVerse Authority version. Who are the Multi-World Warriors? 😉

After playing about with character stats for Jet Li’s two characters in The One: Gabriel Yulaw and Gabe Law, I felt I needed to rewatch the film to do a good enough job. Partly to see what maneuvers they specialise in, if any. But since characters rapidly become super powered, making normal character sheets seemed a bit daft. I might come back to the idea, plus I can use the Aberrant rules variant that is explored in Warrior’s Fist Issue 04 (English), Punho do Guerreiro 04 (Brazilian).

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17 #RPGaDay2020 Comfort

I briefly mentioned a heart-warming RPG fusion on Day 7 Couple. Part of how I fused Ryuutama, Golden Sky Stories and the Changeling games was to apply a comfort filter, dramatically downplaying the many dark aspects in Changeling. A Studio Ghibli like version of the Dreaming allows for the Ryuujin role from Ryuutama to fit nicely, in this case being a helpful Fae/Chimera. I love the Discworld, another guiding idea is: do the opposite of what the Lords and Ladies would do. 😉

Fusing games can result in a confusing mess, a familiar comfort blanket ruined, so to speak. Thankfully, so far this fusion has gone well. I think partly because I’ve played lots of Changeling tabletop, so I am familiar with the darkness of the game. Additionally, the wife and I spent many years immersed in Fae plot at Lorien Trust LARP, which massively ‘borrowed’ from Changeling.

This Tuesday, we will have another session walking along the cliffs and gaming; not like a LARP, but a pleasant walk and talk. I am planning a picnic. I look forward to the next adventure of our comfort blanket.

Street Fighter RPG

I‘ve briefly pondered running Honobono (heart-warming) style SFRPG sessions. Chibi versions of the World Warriors are of course Super Kawaii. My wife is not interested in learning the SFRPG combat mechanics, planning a fighting career, etc., but she did like how cute the fun tile-matching game Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo is. 🙂

Another game direction I’ve considered is the Respite Realm I mentioned for Day 13. Maybe a game borrowing heavily from Spirited Away, besides spirits, fighters come to rest and learn. Does a warrior trick the young girl in to lending them one of Yubaba’s trinkets, resulting in a Bison like threat to the Mortal Realm?! Hmm, almost something here. 😉

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07 #RPGaDay2020 Couple

I am striving to answer each day with a couple of answers, so far so good. J For my general RPG answer I wanted to write about my personal partnership. I got reacquainted with an old college friend, Tracey, at Lorien Trust LARP. We soon began dating, and years later we married. 😀 Over the years we have attended many LARP events together, plus some re-enactment events. Whilst we have played tabletop together, those games are sadly rare, like me, Tracey has many hobbies.

Since we had more time due to the lockdown, we discussed ideas for a tabletop game. Tracey preferred a one-on-one game, using a classic player & GM narrative, but crucially she wanted to draw upon Studio Ghibli. She loved the look of Ryuutama & Golden Sky Stories, and we decided to fuse them with Changeling: the Dreaming. It has been a lot of heart-warming fun, plus we very much appreciated being able to play as a couple. During a few of our walks we have chatted about the game and even role-played scenes.

SFRPG: Couples & Helpful Horde

Street Fighter is quite a quirky setting, drawing tropes from many places, resulting in a world that is both comedic and dark. I have a couple of thoughts on the setting, plus also on couples. 😉 One thing I appreciate about the setting is that any person can become a fighter, regardless of: culture, gender, size, etc. So, I love that the helpless romantic partners trope is easy to subvert in SFRPG.

Firstly, since the core of SFRPG did not include a Merit & Flaw system, why should any person in a PC’s life be helpless? Whilst most of my SFRPG games have been about a team of PCs fighting Shadaloo and other dark forces, a few PCs have had detailed families and/or romantic relationships. Even if an NPC is seemingly an average person, one that has not yet have demonstrated any fighting prowess, and they are about to be captured… then KAPOW!, the thugs are knocked out! The partner could be a: ninja, government agent, an ordinary person with a bit of training, secretly raised by a master, etc. The helpless trope is even subverted in a few movies, with weaker characters surprising the bad guys with some slick move that we saw the character learn earlier in the story.

Secondly regarding Couple and SFRPG, it is not rare for PCs to fight a horde of thugs, but sometimes a film/book has the villages rallying to help a PC, forming a Helpful Horde. In real life a motivated group of people, is quite dangerous even if they have no training, but especially if they throw things or use objects. Also whilst a well-trained person can defeat a group that attacks them one at a time, a group pile on would be a nightmare to deal with; of course SFRPG is not real life, so handle in a way you prefer. Maybe when the PCs are down, captured, etc., the players could even play/guide a Helpful Horde, this way the players don’t feel they are as powerless, that their IC relationships and their PC actions are what has helped to save them. The fanzine Warrior’s Fist 01 and WF11 explored Horde mechanics and ideas; Brazilian versions are here.

The advice about subverting tropes and Helpful Horde applies to other games. Whether citizens in Cyberpunk, a stellar colony, 40k Necromunda, Supes game, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.

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06 #RPGaDay2020 Forest

Today’s prompt stimulated many thoughts, so I consulted my #PieChartofIndecision, but I kept adding things to it! I read and watched other #RPGaDay participants’ answers and many of the topics I’ve been pondering are well discussed/summarised.

Not being able to gather for tabletop is bad enough, so of course there is no LARP for me this year. I knew some people have taken their LARP games online, primarily playing their LARP character via virtual Tabletop sessions; typically a no-no, but understandable in these tough times. I have several games on the go, but I’ve been toying with this idea myself.

Forest had me reminiscing about an old Scouts Guild events (Lorien Trust, UK). The organisers had arranged for a guide with actual expertise in woodlands to teach us IC. Always excellent when someone with such in-depth knowledge teaching things, plus it added something rare and special to that event; the pyrotechnics were special for that one. I have spent a lot of time camping, taking long hikes, but I’m also aware that being in the UK, our forests are better labelled woods, being mostly small, safe and lovely. Forests are something more, some nice posts below about this. 🙂

Whilst browsing I watched Paco’s video. I started to write a reply to it, but then also took inspiration from it. Check it out:

I have played in several sci-fi games that included forest scenes, but on reflection I couldn’t think of that many experiences; typically the games were set on spaceships, stations, bases, focusing on machinery or virtual spaces. I thought Paco made an important point about most Sci-Fi RPGs and the lack of nature. Some good analysis. Are the genre expectations boxing us in (priming)? Which I guess is a part of Paco’s reasoning. I also wonder whether part of the reason the focus of various sci-fi games is the way it is, is due to striving to differentiate things to our other genre games: fantasy, urban, near future, etc.? Is this the same logic that many Sci-Fi writers also use, thus perpetuating the genre tropes? Tropes RPG designers/writers then drawn upon.

A powerful old sci-fi movie comes to mind: Silent Running. In part because of the amazing ending credit song: Joan Baez ‘Rejoice in the Sun’!

I have made some notes in my game ideas to run file: the lives of people aboard an interstellar lifeboat, taking a generational journey after the Earth was devastated by an ELE asteroid strike. The crews understanding of both nature and machinery being of equal importance, in part the size of the ship and the amount of plants and wildlife aboard. A Warhammer 40,000 version of a generational ship lost in the warp also came to mind, but too much GrimDark! To tone things down, this could have be taken down a grimy cyberpunk route, but I’m inclined towards something more HopePunk. Many game systems, but currently I’m leaning towards Trinity Continuum, maybe even Aberrant. Exciting, but another project that I feel would require me to research numerous topics more.

SFRPG Plant Imbued

Background: Plant Imbued (nickname Treants).

This background expands the type of Elementalists, the difference being the character’s connection to the planet has manifested as an ability to interact with plants. Like other Elementalists, Plant Imbued characters are drawn to environmental concerns.

Appearance: As the character gains ranks in Plant Imbued, their appearance becomes slowly less human. This also provides the character with a source of plant material, so the link between their background and expensive Special Maneuvers, but not earth or water but plants, is important.

Psychology:  A Plant Imbued’s psychology can lean towards that of Earth or Water, but they are still individuals. Of course some are driven by more fiery passions, in part because of the harm done by many humans to plant life.

Many prefer to split their time between humans and going deep in to more natural terrain. Some even choose to be solitary, living deep in nature.

Soak Modifier: a Plant Imbued can choose to have:

  1. None (neutral).
  2. Same as Earth
  3. Same as Water

Special Manuevers: Some from Earth and Water – needs more playtesting, for now experiment. 😉

Like with other Elementalists, there is the prerequisite of needing the background rating equal or higher than any Elemental specific Special Maneuvers.

Regeneration (1) but only via photosynthesis. If an Arena does not have access to sunlight, or an artificial light source that mimics sunlight (most don’t), the regeneration maneuver will fail.

The character can still their use their powers when in a sterile area, like a laboratory, etc., Optional: maybe things are a bit harder?

Ponderings: Plant Bending, like the members of the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Force of Nature.  Swamp Thing & D.C.  The Green, Treants, Dryads, Gaia & Garou. Etc.

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Finish with The Cure – A Forest

03 #RPGaDay2020 Thread

I had plenty of thread ideas, so I consulted my #PieChartofIndecision. Patterns, Fate, Time, Labyrinths, Ariadne, and TV series The Dark were all strong contenders. I’ll be writing about my Trophy RPG Incursion: Labyrinth of the Mind, after this event. Reminiscing about my long running LARP character’s pattern being merged with a Fate Elemental is probably of no interest to anyone but me. Mystic Threads in Mage: the Ascension are a topic I love, enabling diverse paradigms to more easily tap into potentiality, but I write about Mage too much. Several participants have mentioned running multiple plot threads, see below. So I went with pluralising thread and to write about character and clothing.

An old saying that appears in varying ways is: “the man is his clothing” or “clothes makes the man”; to modernise that: “the person is their clothing”. Whilst I don’t entirely agree with this sentiment, since I’ve met too many interesting people in rough clothing, I appreciate it still holds social power. My first two years of RP mainly covered fantasy clichés, if I even thought about clothes it was to copy descriptions from fantasy novels and the few movies I’d seen. At 13 years of age, it was my old referee Pete that introduced me to Cyberpunk 2013 and “Style over substance”; the invitation to explore what a character wears as an extension of their personality. Obviously many adult gamers, and I’m sure some young, understand the fun of exploring a character’s attire, whether the surface level of appearance, to exploring different fashions, or maybe diving deeper to the psychological underpinnings of why an image may appeal to someone. Add in the social norms and we have a complicated social tapestry, how our threads can quickly weave different groups together, or set them apart.

As a player I like to take a bit of time to consider my character’s look and what it means, implies, and why they care. If a character doesn’t care, that in itself speaks volumes.

GEF 1112 Stalik 2
The cobweb threads of my old LT character Stalik. Hot day, after lots of running around healing, so face paint has mostly melted.

Street Fighter RPG Answer

Keeping with my answer of threads, it is hard not to laugh at the tropey nature of the game setting and the prominent characters and their clothing. Having been part of martial art demonstrations, wearing different outfits in public, I appreciate how weird can people treat you looking silly (to them), so it just goes to show what outsiders/rebels the World Warriors are, to not care about their appearance, or how they’re perceived. Thankfully various comics and anime had the characters wearing clothing more appropriate to the social situation they were in, helping to break the cliché appearance some players assume their character is required to keep.

Building upon Punho do Guerreiro (Warrior’s Fist) issue 5 introduction of Items of Power, and taking inspiration from Jackie Chan’s The Tuxedo, we can explore the idea of magic clothing for SFRPG. This is easier to integrate for a chronicle that utilises True Magick, like issue 8 does with a fusion with Mage: the Ascension.

Duplicating Jackie Chan’s Tuxedo would result in a very powerful item, certainly requiring more than 5 background points. However, if we tone things down, an item could be made giving a non-martial artist basic fighting process. Temple guardians with Elemental Sashes. As normal with SFRPG there is the issue of not overwhelming the core game with more modifiers, if a PC can have magic items, maybe the World Warriors and others have some as well. 😉 It is a busy month, but it is something to work  on later for future issues of Punho do Guerreiro 🙂

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This is a non-exhaustive list; I still have many posts to read today, so I might be adding more links. I’d recommend searching the hashtag and judge those great answers for yourself: #RPGaDay2020, some people use #RPGaDay.

#RPGaDay returns for 2020

A follow-on to my post #RPGaDAY2020 Has Been Announced and Dave’s (Autocratik) blog post, Anthony (Runeslinger) has also blogged about it. There is a key clarification that I missed off my blog post, although it is mentioned in video Dave and Anthony made, that the emphasis for #RPGaDay is that of positivity. I’ve reblogged Anthony’s post so you can check out the few rules. 😀

Casting Shadows

If it is possible to have a perfect year for RPGaDay to be run, I imagine 2020 is that year – the year of perfect vision. Hopefully, our hindsight will be as accurate as our day to day sight, and they will conspire to improve our insight and foresight as well.

Dare to dream!

Some Background

Each year for the past few I have enjoyed collaborating with the Autocratik blog on his idea for a month-long celebration of all that we love about roleplaying games. Each year, the event grows and changes a little bit, and each year brings all sorts of surprises as responses come in from all over the globe in different languages, in different forms, and about different games.

Last year we shifted from providing full questions to single-word prompts. We did this for several reasons, not the least of which was to make it easier for…

View original post 818 more words

#RPGaDAY2020 Has Been Announced

This year’s #RPGaDay has been announced, another inspiring collection of prompts, once again presented in a fun graphic by the great Will Brooks. I look forward to the event each year; I strive to read as many tweets and watch as many videos as possible, plus try to reply and encourage others to keep going. There are always interesting stories and ideas about role-playing, a treasure trove of anecdotes and wisdom.

I have thought about the various ways I could answer the prompts. I am tempted to be more creative this year, inspired by many previous participants, but in particular @Catrinity and @CoronaTinoF, who I wrote about in my summary of #RPGaDAY2019. Although this may cause me to have less time to read and respond to other people’s posts; I already know I will have a busier August than the last few years.

I have a few tabletop and play-by-email (PBEM) games on the go, plus I have started my #Lynchcraftian PBEM game, so I’m pondering whether to focus my answers for this year on something more IC, maybe Flash Fiction fiction. Or should I go with something relating to the Street Fighter RPG, since I’ve spent a lot of time recently translating the Brazilian issues for Punho do Guerreiro, plus I am planning a SFRPG PBEM.

For more information, check out David F. Chapman’s blog, plus watch the video of Dave (Autocratik) and Anthony (Runeslinger) discussing this year’s event.



1    Beginning

2    Change

3    Thread

4    Vision

5    Tribute

6    Forest

7    Couple

8    Shade

9    Light

10    Want

11    Stack

12    Message

13    Rest

14    Banner

15    Frame

16    Dramatic

17    Comfort

18    Meet

19    Tower

20    Investigate

21    Push

22    Rare

23    Edge

24    Humour

25    Lever

26    Strange

27    Flavour

28    Close

29    Ride

30    Portal

31    Experience

#RPGaDay2019 prompts 25 to 31

Continuing on with my video summary of #RPGaDay2019 tweets, prompts 25 to 31. Previous prompts 1 to 8

I badly explain a point in the video about RPG and suspension, using the example of how big breaks in music can really add to a song, adding suspension. I also couldn’t remember any tracks in that moment, so:

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations, Nine Inch Nails – March of the Pigs, Metallica – Sad But True, Beastie Boys – Sabotage, Garbage – Supervixen, Alanis Morissette – All I Really Want, Scissor Sisters – I Can’t Decide, Fleetwood Mac – Oh Well, Tool – The Patient, Portishead – Only You, Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench, Queens Of The Stone Age – The Lost Art Of Keeping A Secret, Tool the patient, Sigur Ros – Staralfur, Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls, Rage Against The Machine – Freedom, Kavinsky – Nightcall, plus so many more.

Maybe I need to return to this and explain myself clearer one day?

#RPGaDay2019 prompts 17 to 24

Continuing on with my video summary of #RPGaDay2019 tweets, prompts 17 to 24. Previous prompts 1 to 8