Solo rules for Street Fighter RPG

Here is a translation of the Meet the Strongest supplement, which provides a detailed solo system for Street Fighter; it is created by Jhan Aragão. Issue 18 of Warrior’s Fist presented ideas for Solo Street Fighter, however, Jhan’s work, which is an adaptation of SOLO 10 (see below), goes in to a lot more depth.

Meet the Strongest has a hexmap system for creating the playing area; the example city is Malibu in California. There are different tables for each of the hexmap sectors, providing plenty of prompts to guide and structure your stories. The system is designed to be flexible, not restrictive, so if you have a more specific idea, go for it. Jhan also includes ideas for variations of play style, including an option to include more players. If you want to make setup for a game even easier, Kabuki Town in the issues of Warrior’s Fist has a simple map presenting different regions that fit this table approach. Of course you can create maps for anywhere, building things up to even a world level; I can imagine some users creating multiple massive connected playing areas.

As the system is primarily focused around human locales, prompts are generally a mix of either day-to-day life encounters, or some type of criminal activity. I think this gives the prompts a more small-scale personal focus, grounded, but there are some hooks that can cover the more mystical aspects that exist in the Street Fighter. The overall effect is to give the feeling of a normal city, but with the PC traversing and spotting the countless aspects of the underbelly of society. There is nothing stopping someone following this supplement’s system and making a few tables to cover a solo mystical chronicle, or something more brutal like a Mortal Kombat style story.

Many thanks to Jhan Aragão for creating it, allowing the translation to go ahead, and helping to clarify a few things. As normal with my translations, thank you to Eric “Musashi” de Souza for his help. Overall I think is an excellent framework for solo games, all packaged in a lovely layout! Check it out: Meet the Strongest (Solo SFRPG).

Here is a link to the folder of Street Fighter translations, which includes all the Warrior’s Fist (PdG) issues, the epic Circuit Guide, Solo, Spartacus, and the Mortal Kombat files. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

SOLO 10 is an open license system created by 101 Games. For more information check out:

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