About Batjutsu


I am Richard ‘Bat’ Brewster, but I generally go by Batjutsu when online. My passions include martial arts, role-playing (RPG: tabletop, LARP, PBM, CRPG), wargaming, reading (factual and fiction), and writing. Whilst this blog is about myself, I hope that readers can take away ideas, whether about role-playing, martial arts, writing, or maybe ideas about pain management.

Years ago I worked at a games company as a designer, writer, and games master running large play-by-mail games (PBM); PBM is a bit like tabletop role-play, except your not in the same room, and hundreds of players can be involved in a single game. I left to work on my own designs, and to carry out a lot of research, this has been my main passion for years.

I have also worked in travel, telesales, security, martial arts teacher, social services, managing a computer shop. I have also some experience as a volunteer teacher of both programming and English at a local high school, I may pursue teaching in the future, but I have bigger passions I am focusing on them for now.

I have a degree in Psychology and Creative Writing from UCLan. I wanted to study these two subjects for a number of reasons, but mostly due to them both linking to a big role-playing project I have been working on. Although I used to write stories as part of my time at the games company, I felt I needed to vastly improve this skillset.

Richard Batjutsu Brewster
Richard Brewster on Honeymoon in 2015

I have had Repetitive strain injury (RSI) in both my arms since 1999, and mostly background pain for the entire time, but sometimes severe pain for many months on many occasions. As my life has been an up and down struggle to manage my wrist usage, to try to minimise severe RSI attacks. I used to be an avid computer game player, but I had to drastically reduce that hobby as over-time the RSI would return to intense levels.

I have studied a variety of martial arts, although I have mostly focused on Jujitsu, be it Japanese Jujutsu, Judo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ). For the last few years my main teacher has been Gary Savage, a black belt in BJJ and I train in Blackpool at ITC (was Sukata MMA). I am currently recovering from a severe case of RSI that resulted in my left shoulder swelling up, damaging my neck and back as well.

I have also studied Kickboxing (Rob Campbell), Wado Ryu Karate (Shirley Clarke), Hung Gar Kung Fu, as well as Tai Chi. Amongst the various people I have trained with, I feel blessed to have attended several Wado seminars taught by the late Professor Tatsuo Suzuki, and a seminar by Toby Threadgill in Takamura ha Shindo Yoshin kai.