31 #RPGaDay2020 Experience

One of the important things role-players share is our own personal experiences, both within a game, as well as our personal life. Even when playing in a shared campaign and exploring the same adventures, like with D&D Living Environment, Savage Suzerain, etc., our experiences will be different. All the different games we play all help to build up our own personal library of references and ideas. The same with the different experiences and skill sets enhancing the hobby, particularly as more and more people join-in.

This is one of the reasons I strive to read/watch as many #RPGaDay posts as I can. Even if I personally feel that one post is dull or even negative, the next day the same participant can share something I find creative and/or clear. I also appreciate the positivity most have with this event each year, even when coming across a few negative comments; people have complex lives. I also appreciate that I tend to write a page or two, what I write about might be of little interest to a reader, or they’ve read similar before, etc.

Amusingly, initially I could only think of a few dull answers for this prompt, and then suddenly I had an interesting idea for my memory game about nonlinear experiences. After several hours of writing I now return to this document, and the topic of the role-playing experiences. I think this somewhat obvious post highlights that the RPGaDay experience has worked great for me.

So ends another month of thought-provoking ideas and participants sharing creative answers. I look forward to next year. 🙂

Street Fighter RPG

From talking to numerous players about SFRPG over the years, one of the games old problems was the lack of easy ways to make lots of NPC fighters. In particular the issue of Combat Cards, a core part of what makes the game work so well for many also results in a lot of work for groups, and usually the Storyteller. This is further exacerbated by the different XP and Ranks. If the game was being developed these days, I think embracing technological solutions would help the game overcome this problem. Fortunately these problems have been somewhat mitigated by the community. Such as Warrior’s Fist Special 3 (Punho do Guerreiro 3) providing a system for different XP & Rank ratings. Likewise the excellent Combat Chart Generator at: https://sfrpg.com/sfchartgen/

These tools and other community improvements have helped this game flow better and provide a better experience. 🙂 Imagine what a team with a bit of money could do. 😉

Other Peoples’ Answers

Charles Etheridge-Nunn @charlie_en


Anthony Boyd @Runeslinger


Bob Freeman @OccultDetective


Heather Fey @slapjellyfish


Melestrua @Melestrua


Geek-Life Balance @cybogoblin


This is a non-exhaustive list; I still have many posts to read today, so I might be adding more links. I’d recommend searching the hashtag and judge those great answers for yourself: #RPGaDay2020, some people use #RPGaDay.

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