RPG Impact 3

Continuing on with RPG Impact. The third RPG that had a big impact on me was Cyberpunk 2013. I’ve blogged about my early Cyberpunk days previously. As a kid I loved the Cyberpunk setting, the technology lists, discovering the genre books of William Gibson, Bruce Sterling, etc., but despite how cool Netrunning was I hated how it disrupted gameplay, and other things about the system bugged me, yet …

Cyberpunk introduced me to the tagline: Style over Substance.

We took that tagline to heart, in part because of the great guidance of my first Cyberpunk Ref Pete. Much more than with Warhammer, the deadliness of Cyberpunk helped my fellow players and I appreciate why character, story, and intentionality mattered. When life was so fragile, why fight? Why argue? Why risk it? Etc. We always had the option of a quick blast via Friday Night Firefight. Instead, we choose to play characters, to explore motivations, to take risks.

Returning to my problem with the mechanics, yes the game has a high chance of a botch, yes the long shopping sessions could be a pain, yet it didn’t stop the fun. We played the game a lot, particularly in 1990, gaming almost every day, a few days 12 hour sessions. We had so many were great sessions. We have returned to the fun, again, and again 🙂

Of course the Cyberpunk tagline is wrong; it has both Style and Substance.


Part 4

Prelude – Secret Rage PBM 6

This continues on from part 1 PBM Thanks & Secret Rage.

It has been a while since I blogged about my #SecretRage PBM campaign, Richie and I have been busy so it has been on the back burner. This at least allowed me to explore ways to link ideas about the potential psychology of spirits, something that relates to two other projects. I considered abandoning this campaign and playtesting my new setting, but since I’ve put a lot of preparation in to this campaign, plus Richie and I wanted to play Werewolf, I decided to stick with things. I participated in #RPGaDay again this year, I mentioned #SecretRage on several of the days. For Day 26 I talked about Ambitions.

This urge to keep changing projects is an ongoing problem for me, so I gave myself a deadline; following advice from The Bestseller Experiment. I finished up the comic pages and the introductory turn as well. Finalising everything for this project helped re-inspire my passion for #SecretRage, plus given me inspiration to run something else, Cyberpunk, D&D, Pendragon, Cthulhu, etc.

I won’t be posting the turn data since I’ve added another player, plus I am considering inviting other players to join in, maybe some of the people from the #RPGaDay community. Below are those comic pages, which once again I found the writing of to be an interesting puzzle to figure out, in part due to writing about a messed-up Luna, but also because comic writing is different.

#SecretRage 07#SecretRage 08#SecretRage 09+10#SecretRage 11#SecretRage 12#SecretRage 13#SecretRage 14#SecretRage 15+16

#RPGaDay2018 Day20 Game Mechanic

Which game mechanic inspires your play the most?

Straight forward video answer today, I love things that help propel PC play, that help inspire players, that are personal to the player, typically something additional that sets an individual PC apart. I did contemplate talking about ideas I’ve been working on for years, but I’ll save them for another time.

Doh, I forgot to mention Life Paths, like in the Cyberpunk systems.

#RPGaDay2018 Day19 RPG Music

Music that enhances your game

I sent the #RPGaDay organisers Autocratic and Runeslinger a lot of suggestions about music, understandable they converted to a simpler but broader question allowing people to answer what they will. The origins of those questions came from the entrance music used for some fight sport events, or musical kata, plus some old chats playing Street Fighter in the 90s. The idea of theme tunes for a character (PC/NPC), story, or even a whole campaign came to mind, since I have on occasion thought of something I felt nicely encapsulated an idea. Until podcasts and cheaper audiobooks came along I listened to a lot of music, I still manage a bit of music each week, so it’s nice to read/watch what other people think about RPGs and music.

Live music at LARP can be incredible, but not something I’ve experimented with for tabletop. As part of my communication with two friends that I used to do a lot of PBM with, we’d include references to the music we’d worked out our orders to, plus maybe something new we’d been listening to.

#RPGaDay2018 Day19 graph

Links to Hexen II soundtrack

Dune 1984 OST