SFRPG World Tour

This supplement provides us with arenas from around the world, plus a summary of the continents, expanding on the information in the Street Fighter core rulebook. In addition to the arenas of the World Warriors, there are also arenas of some up-and-coming fighters. For me, location books are always a welcome addition to any RPG, even when the game world only deviates from our own by a small amount. If the old White Wolf had continued to make sourcebooks for SFRPG, this is definitely the sort of book that they should have made.

Many thanks to the team behind the original Brazilian work: Eric M. Souza, Luiz Júnior, Victor Rocha, Bruno Barbosa, Edson Golem, Marcos Amaral, Odmir Fortes, and Roberto Gárgula. Definitely check this book out, another fan project that could be considered a core book: World Tour.

For more translations check out this Street Fighter folder, which includes all the Warrior’s Fist (PdG) issues, Virtual Combat Cards, the epic Circuit Guide, Circuit Guide – Basic, both Solo systems (Meet the Strongest & Dominus), Emergent Cities, Spartacus, Tekken, Darkstalkers, and the Mortal Kombat files. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

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