Killer Instinct for Street Fighter RPG

Here is a translation of the Brazilian Killer Instinct fan project for Street Fighter RPG; thank you to Eric M. Souza and Gustavo Maru for their work. When Killer Instinct was released in the 90s, I barely played it; we were generally still too busy playing Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. It did occasionally pop up in conversation, but for the people I played with, after a few years faded into history. So translating this supplement and reading the Killer Instinct wiki was interesting. Whilst the setting includes supernatural, it is closer to the cyberpunk genre than Mortal Kombat or Darkstalkers. I am sure a Street Fighter group could take ideas from Killer Instinct, besides the characters, the idea of Ultratech machinations undermining Shadaloo or rivalling Tekken’s Mishima Corporation should make for a more intrigue focused game.

Killer Instinct SFRPG Here is a link to the folder of Street Fighter translations, which includes all the Warrior’s Fist (PdG) issues, Virtual Combat Cards, the epic Circuit Guide, Circuit Guide – Basic, both Solo systems (Meet the Strongest & Dominus), Spartacus, Tekken, Darkstalkers, and the Mortal Kombat files. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

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