Warrior’s Fist 25 Street Fighter Translation

Here is latest the translation for the Street Fighter RPG (SFRPG) Brazilian fanzine: Punho do Guerreiro (Warrior’s Fist). Thank you to Eric for the issue, plus the big list of contributors: Aloísio Soares Senra, Eric M. Souza, Felipe M. Vasconcelos, Giovane do Monte, Jeferson Vicentini, Jhan Aragão, and Marcos Amaral. As always an extra thank you to Eric for helping with the translation.

This issue looks at introducing more Beat ‘Em Up aspects to SFRPG, plus a look at a more MMA focused chronicle. The classic SFRPG debate about Jujitsu and free maneuvers, so this issue has an article exploring the topic and provides suggestions for giving every style free maneuvers, as well as the prerequisites.

Normally each issue of Warrior’s Fist presents details about Kabuki Town, a fictional city for SFRPG, but this issue introduces By Fight! A look at a real life location and how it can be used in a SFRPG game. By Fight! is a play on the old White Wolf’s city books (Chicago by Night, New Orleans by Night, etc.), for Vampire: the Masquerade for the World of Darkness. This issue Eric presents Campo Grande (“Great Field”), which is a city in the interior of Brazil in South America. It is the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul. Eric says this feature will be a regular one in the pages of PdG and has asked for people to submit ideas; in time the setting will have many regions covered, providing the setting with more of the travel seen in the arcade game. 😉

This issue’s Circuit Legend is Jeiza Rocha, a MMA fighter and a member of the police. Additionally the issue includes two historical characters, Madam Satan & Thin Waist; although they could be tweaked to fit in to any SFRPG era. The Maneuver of the Month is Record. In closing, a recommendation to look at Jhan Aragon’s Solo rules for SFRPG.

Issue 25. Eric tweaked the explanation in Issue 13 about ways to handle the Backgrounds of the super-rich. A few minor errors have been fixed in older issues. Here is a link to the folder of Street Fighter translations, which includes all the issues of Warrior’s Fist (PdG), the epic Circuit Guide, Glory Times, Solo Rules, Spartacus, and the Mortal Kombat core and Shinnok. The whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

The Punho do Guerreiro (Warrior’s Fist) PDF Article List has been updated, as has the online spreadsheet. This PDF and my other SFRPG creations can be downloaded from this folder.

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