Warrior’s Fist Special 08 Street Fighter Translation

Here is a translation of the latest issue of Punho do Guerreiro, a Brazilian fanzine for Street Fighter RPG (SFRPG). This end of year special provides us with many things. Giovane Do Monte has written about their experience using the Solo Adventure rules published in earlier editions. Ideal for this time of quarantine. The issue has two adventures:

  1. The Mountain of Dragon’s Bones – an archaeology adventure in China. Based upon the novel by Ivan Jaf.
  2. Metro City 90’s. An adventure set in Final Fight’s city around Martial Arts Kumitê tournament. This provides the PCs a chance to explore the dangerous Metro City, so this adventure could easily become a whole campaign.

The Circuit Legend is Nicholas Linnear, from the Ninja series by Eric Van Lustbader. There is also an extra NPC for the Circuit this month: Wii Fit Trainer. An … interesting individual! Lastly an interesting exploration of the idea of using just 1d10 for the Storyteller System.

Special Issue 8 A link to the folder for Warrior’s Fist; the whole folder can be downloaded as a Zip file 🙂

Author: Batjutsu

Writer, role-player, games master, martial artist, programmer, disabled but not giving up.

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