What is a roleplaying game?!

Casting Shadows

I probably should have written about this decades ago, but I didn’t. If I had written it when I first thought of it, it would have been in a notebook. If I had later transcribed it when it seemed more important than it does now, that would probably have been as a WordPerfect document for my MS-DOS machine or worse, PFS Write. In the intervening years a lot has been said on the topic, and given my reach and interests, it likely would not have gone anywhere or accomplished anything of value. I don’t care about being an originator or being first. I do care about seeing clearly and being a part of sharing useful perspectives and information. Why am I writing it now? For the most part, it feels like it is time to have my thoughts out of my head in a place where I can see them…

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Author: Batjutsu

Writer, role-player, games master, martial artist, programmer, disabled but not giving up.

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