20 #RPGaDay2020 Investigate

I was inspired to write a big post and even record a video for this prompt, but pesky health problems have stolen my spoons whilst I was half way through; I’ll return to it after this event. Meanwhile, here are some links I gave to someone asking for investigation mechanics assistance.

Whilst not relating to mechanics, I also recommend checking out GURPS Mysteries. Many GURPS books are well written and this book I think is exceptionally well put together, providing a great exploration of the topic.

Years ago I persuaded some players that played lots of Call of Cthulhu to give SFRPG a go by highlighting how a core part of the game is about investigation; fortunately they enjoyed the games I ran. If veteran Investigators find SFRPG to fulfil their investigation needs, it shows the system does not need things, but like with many old games I have been pondering of adding mechanics from newer games to it. In this case using the Hunt Rolls from Trophy RPG, but I have not gotten to playtest this yet, but I will get to playtest it when I run my Game of Death fused with Twin Peaks adventure I am working on; day 19.

Other Peoples’ Answers

Anthony Boyd @Runeslinger


Charles Etheridge-Nunn @charlie_en


Sue Savage @SavageSpiel


Kehaar @DissectingWrlds


Craig Oxbrow @CraigOxbrow



Heather Fey @slapjellyfish


Adam Dickstein @alien_barking


Bob Freeman @OccultDetective


Melestrua @Melestrua


Geek-Life Balance @cybogoblin





John M. Kahane @jkahane1


This is a non-exhaustive list; I still have many posts to read today, so I might be adding more links. I’d recommend searching the hashtag and judge those great answers for yourself: #RPGaDay2020, some people use #RPGaDay.

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