07 #RPGaDay2020 Couple

I am striving to answer each day with a couple of answers, so far so good. J For my general RPG answer I wanted to write about my personal partnership. I got reacquainted with an old college friend, Tracey, at Lorien Trust LARP. We soon began dating, and years later we married. 😀 Over the years we have attended many LARP events together, plus some re-enactment events. Whilst we have played tabletop together, those games are sadly rare, like me, Tracey has many hobbies.

Since we had more time due to the lockdown, we discussed ideas for a tabletop game. Tracey preferred a one-on-one game, using a classic player & GM narrative, but crucially she wanted to draw upon Studio Ghibli. She loved the look of Ryuutama & Golden Sky Stories, and we decided to fuse them with Changeling: the Dreaming. It has been a lot of heart-warming fun, plus we very much appreciated being able to play as a couple. During a few of our walks we have chatted about the game and even role-played scenes.

SFRPG: Couples & Helpful Horde

Street Fighter is quite a quirky setting, drawing tropes from many places, resulting in a world that is both comedic and dark. I have a couple of thoughts on the setting, plus also on couples. 😉 One thing I appreciate about the setting is that any person can become a fighter, regardless of: culture, gender, size, etc. So, I love that the helpless romantic partners trope is easy to subvert in SFRPG.

Firstly, since the core of SFRPG did not include a Merit & Flaw system, why should any person in a PC’s life be helpless? Whilst most of my SFRPG games have been about a team of PCs fighting Shadaloo and other dark forces, a few PCs have had detailed families and/or romantic relationships. Even if an NPC is seemingly an average person, one that has not yet have demonstrated any fighting prowess, and they are about to be captured… then KAPOW!, the thugs are knocked out! The partner could be a: ninja, government agent, an ordinary person with a bit of training, secretly raised by a master, etc. The helpless trope is even subverted in a few movies, with weaker characters surprising the bad guys with some slick move that we saw the character learn earlier in the story.

Secondly regarding Couple and SFRPG, it is not rare for PCs to fight a horde of thugs, but sometimes a film/book has the villages rallying to help a PC, forming a Helpful Horde. In real life a motivated group of people, is quite dangerous even if they have no training, but especially if they throw things or use objects. Also whilst a well-trained person can defeat a group that attacks them one at a time, a group pile on would be a nightmare to deal with; of course SFRPG is not real life, so handle in a way you prefer. Maybe when the PCs are down, captured, etc., the players could even play/guide a Helpful Horde, this way the players don’t feel they are as powerless, that their IC relationships and their PC actions are what has helped to save them. The fanzine Warrior’s Fist 01 and WF11 explored Horde mechanics and ideas; Brazilian versions are here.

The advice about subverting tropes and Helpful Horde applies to other games. Whether citizens in Cyberpunk, a stellar colony, 40k Necromunda, Supes game, Dungeons & Dragons, etc.

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