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Today’s prompt stimulated many thoughts, so I consulted my #PieChartofIndecision, but I kept adding things to it! I read and watched other #RPGaDay participants’ answers and many of the topics I’ve been pondering are well discussed/summarised.

Not being able to gather for tabletop is bad enough, so of course there is no LARP for me this year. I knew some people have taken their LARP games online, primarily playing their LARP character via virtual Tabletop sessions; typically a no-no, but understandable in these tough times. I have several games on the go, but I’ve been toying with this idea myself.

Forest had me reminiscing about an old Scouts Guild events (Lorien Trust, UK). The organisers had arranged for a guide with actual expertise in woodlands to teach us IC. Always excellent when someone with such in-depth knowledge teaching things, plus it added something rare and special to that event; the pyrotechnics were special for that one. I have spent a lot of time camping, taking long hikes, but I’m also aware that being in the UK, our forests are better labelled woods, being mostly small, safe and lovely. Forests are something more, some nice posts below about this. 🙂

Whilst browsing I watched Paco’s video. I started to write a reply to it, but then also took inspiration from it. Check it out:

I have played in several sci-fi games that included forest scenes, but on reflection I couldn’t think of that many experiences; typically the games were set on spaceships, stations, bases, focusing on machinery or virtual spaces. I thought Paco made an important point about most Sci-Fi RPGs and the lack of nature. Some good analysis. Are the genre expectations boxing us in (priming)? Which I guess is a part of Paco’s reasoning. I also wonder whether part of the reason the focus of various sci-fi games is the way it is, is due to striving to differentiate things to our other genre games: fantasy, urban, near future, etc.? Is this the same logic that many Sci-Fi writers also use, thus perpetuating the genre tropes? Tropes RPG designers/writers then drawn upon.

A powerful old sci-fi movie comes to mind: Silent Running. In part because of the amazing ending credit song: Joan Baez ‘Rejoice in the Sun’!

I have made some notes in my game ideas to run file: the lives of people aboard an interstellar lifeboat, taking a generational journey after the Earth was devastated by an ELE asteroid strike. The crews understanding of both nature and machinery being of equal importance, in part the size of the ship and the amount of plants and wildlife aboard. A Warhammer 40,000 version of a generational ship lost in the warp also came to mind, but too much GrimDark! To tone things down, this could have be taken down a grimy cyberpunk route, but I’m inclined towards something more HopePunk. Many game systems, but currently I’m leaning towards Trinity Continuum, maybe even Aberrant. Exciting, but another project that I feel would require me to research numerous topics more.

SFRPG Plant Imbued

Background: Plant Imbued (nickname Treants).

This background expands the type of Elementalists, the difference being the character’s connection to the planet has manifested as an ability to interact with plants. Like other Elementalists, Plant Imbued characters are drawn to environmental concerns.

Appearance: As the character gains ranks in Plant Imbued, their appearance becomes slowly less human. This also provides the character with a source of plant material, so the link between their background and expensive Special Maneuvers, but not earth or water but plants, is important.

Psychology:  A Plant Imbued’s psychology can lean towards that of Earth or Water, but they are still individuals. Of course some are driven by more fiery passions, in part because of the harm done by many humans to plant life.

Many prefer to split their time between humans and going deep in to more natural terrain. Some even choose to be solitary, living deep in nature.

Soak Modifier: a Plant Imbued can choose to have:

  1. None (neutral).
  2. Same as Earth
  3. Same as Water

Special Manuevers: Some from Earth and Water – needs more playtesting, for now experiment. 😉

Like with other Elementalists, there is the prerequisite of needing the background rating equal or higher than any Elemental specific Special Maneuvers.

Regeneration (1) but only via photosynthesis. If an Arena does not have access to sunlight, or an artificial light source that mimics sunlight (most don’t), the regeneration maneuver will fail.

The character can still their use their powers when in a sterile area, like a laboratory, etc., Optional: maybe things are a bit harder?

Ponderings: Plant Bending, like the members of the Foggy Swamp Tribe. Force of Nature.  Swamp Thing & D.C.  The Green, Treants, Dryads, Gaia & Garou. Etc.

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This is a non-exhaustive list; I still have many posts to read today, so I might be adding more links. I’d recommend searching the hashtag and judge those great answers for yourself: #RPGaDay2020, some people use #RPGaDay.

Finish with The Cure – A Forest

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