Can I make my game better?

Below is a link to a great article by Runeslinger about making a game better. Since my comments show up first before the reblogged post 🙄, maybe read the article and then come back?

I am constantly striving to improve my games, and my understanding of the role-play hobby, in its myriad of forms. Based upon feedback from some of my players over the years, often my efforts are appreciated, the fact I ask for feedback and check-in with players about the game, but sometimes this has annoyed players, they’d rather just game.

There are a few people I no longer game with, leaving me conflicted, what could I have done differently? In some cases I definitely did not help, if I could I would act differently. With a few other people, essentially we simply had different gaming preferences, which is fine.

Who is driving the bus?

In particular I loved the point about Session 0 never really ending. It is always Casting Shadows, an important consideration, and a good play on the blog name 😉

Casting Shadows

Not everyone asks this question, of course, but it – or some variation of it – is common enough. Sometimes, it’s just a feeling. A worry after a session, or a weight that builds as sessions dwindle in the rearview mirror.

It’s a curious question isn’t it? It invites a series of other questions. What is meant by better? Is it a struggle with a specific game or games in general? Who is asking? How much time has been spent on play, and what efforts have been made to address whatever problems are perceived with that play?

If this question doesn’t invite questions like these, and more, and on an ongoing basis, then is there really a game group or is it a few individuals tempting fate both in fiction with their characters and in fact with their use of leisure time? Is anyone driving the bus to Funtown, or…

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