Treasure & Speculation Street Fighter RPG

There have several interesting Street Fighter RPG posts recently. Firstly, a fun cover by Benjamin Terry fusing the Chicago By Night cover (Vampire: the Masquerade) with a brick border design to give a great street tone; hidden reference to brick destroying bonus rounds? 😉 Chat here.

Update: A link to the commissioned picture has been added below 🙂

Secondly, an interesting discussion about: “What would you like to see in street fighter second edition?” Sadly there won’t be a 2nd edition due to licensing issues, but still fun to discuss ideas, to read the many interesting responses, as well as see what topics others prioritise; definitely worth a read 🙂 Wonderfully Andrew J Lucas joined in the conversation 🙂 Andrew is the creator of Street Fighter Player’s Guide, as well writing the Spirits of the Forest adventure (Adventures Unlimited), and he is also a contributor to Contenders. Andrew generously offered to look for some old files, which he then shared!

Andrew’s proposal for The Duelist

Andrew’s proposal for an expansion: Walking in Shadow

The files are in Word 6.0 format, another reminder of what ancient treasures these are 😉 They proved to be an enjoyable read, thanks again to Andrew for sharing them. Andrew gave an interview in 2016 discussing the old Street Fighter design days, which can be read here.

Thirdly, Ingo Muller wrote a new SFRPG adventure. Ingo is working on an English translation; read about it here 😀 As normal the Brazilian SFRPG group is always active and worth checking out

Lastly, an interesting review that I think nicely summarises SFRPG. The article covers the zany, the bad, but crucially also the effective aspects of the game.


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