RPG Impact 8

Continuing with RPG Impact. The eighth RPG that has had a big impact on me is Wraith: the Oblivion. I’ve separated this game from the rest of the World of Darkness, because I think Wraith is the one stands alone, not just in concept and focus, but crucially in playstyle.

Apart from a few friends, nearly all the players I know won’t even try Wraith. For a few of them, the idea of playing a ghost was too much for them, never mind playing another character’s Shadow, or participating in a Harrowing. The troupe style play of Wraith had a big impact on me; this is one of the reasons why I suggest Wraith stands out from the World of Darkness.

Sadly, I’ve not run massive Wraith games, like with Vampire or Changeling, but at least the games I’ve played have been small intense fun affairs. One of my long-running World of Darkness chronicles will soon include some Wraith sessions, which I hope to blog about later in the year.

I think Wraith is brilliant, but no sale pitches here, in part because others have summarised the game so well. If you want to hear more about Wraith, here are 2 great links:

1) sameøldji made a great video about Wraith impacting him:

2) Runeslinger also listed Wraith as being a big impact upon him; he also made a great collection of videos about Wraith 20th.

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