Gollancz Festival complete series

This continues on from my first post about the Gollancz Festival 2017. The articles I have written so far have provided me with a great chance to do more than simply think about the numerous things the participants said. I did come away from GollanczFest with a detailed story idea inspired by one of the panels, but I will save writing about that for a future article, so I can concentrate on finishing current projects šŸ˜‰

Whilst I had planned on writing more about GollanczFest I feel I have too much to do currently, and fortunately I came across Rustling Reads. The writer, Rachel, has written very thorough write-ups, including the fun-competitive panels, which I hadnā€™t planned on doing. I enjoyed reading these posts; check them out at Gollancz Festival 2017: The CompleteĀ Series.



Author: Batjutsu

Writer, role-player, games master, martial artist, programmer, disabled but not giving up.

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