Review The Amiga Years

I previously wrote a blog about my review on NoobGrind for From Bedroom to Billions, I would recommend checking that out before reading my new review. Although I suppose you can watch them in either order, but the first documentary does provide an overview of the Amiga, and its place in the overall history of computing.

The Amiga Years, what a great documentary, well I guess that spoils my opinion, but I have written a lot more than this. Before watching the film I decided that I would delay writing a review, this way I would have time to reflect on the documentary; I didn’t want to come across as fanatical. Whilst I expected to be rewarded with another great product, I know it is not uncommon to be disappointed when armed with such passionate expectations. Thankfully I was not disappointed.

My own experiences with the Amiga are mostly focussed around the Amiga 500, although I have had a lot of access to other models. It was also great that by the end of the 80s more people I knew had also started getting access to home computers. My high school days were filled with all sorts of chats and a chance to play games at other peoples’ houses.

By the start of the 90s my dad was running a computer shop. This gave my more exposure to all aspects of computing, but particularly more games. The Amiga packs were a big part of the culture then, and it was a shame when the Amiga sales started getting increasing replaced by the IBM compatible PC machines. The capabilities of the PCs at the time still seemed terrible when compared to the range of Amigas, especially considering how cheap the Amiga 500 had become.

By the time I ran the shop in the mid-90s the Amiga was no longer selling, but thankfully the PC finally seemed to have caught up. It’s odd to recall what a difference there was in specifications and cost.

Given the tribal nature of our species it is no surprise that we form clans around a particular brand. I have been accused of being a PC fanatic, having had the luxury of access to them via our family’s computer business, but the reality is, as I mentioned in the last blog, I have had a lot of different computer brands. Although I’ve had a PC since 1995, if I had to pick a brand to be fanatic about it would be Commodore, and if I had to pick one machine in some sort of deathmatch, were era, cost and capability were weighted correctly, then I would pick the Amiga 500!

Please check out my new NoobGrind review The Amiga Years.


Author: Batjutsu

Writer, role-player, games master, martial artist, programmer, disabled but not giving up.

5 thoughts on “Review The Amiga Years”

  1. I remember Autumn 1988 well. My friends all had ZX Spectrums and one boy even had a Commodore 64! Then my best friend got an Amiga 1200 it was in a totally different league but he would always boast about how expensive it was (I have no idea in present day if this was true!) So for Christmas I asked for a computer and told parents if they couldn’t afford a Commodore 64 then it was okay to get a ZX Spectrum (I prayed and prayed it wouldn’t be the Spectrum!) Then on Christmas Day I unwrapped the final big present hoping it was the Commodore 64. It wasn’t. It was the Amiga 500 Batman pack. Still to this day, genuinely the best moment of my life. I turned around and asked my parents if they wanted to take it back if it was too expensive. If you think that was geeky, in the summer of 1989 I asked for and received as my main birthday present a 512kb RAM upgrade so I could play Kick-Off with sound effects (unless I misremember you could play Kick-Off on 512kb but needed 1mb for sound…. which again in present day doesn’t quite make sense, wasn’t the sound chip separate anyway?) Ahhhhh best days of my life!!! (The polygonal graphics of F/18 Interceptor were mind blowing!)


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