Gaming: Downplay studio importance

I have a new article up on NoobGrind. This one is about the idea of gaming studio legacy, and how for the most part it is not something that should be treated as important, although there are a few notable exceptions. I don’t have much extra to add to the article, other than I did delete a sizeable amount of swearing when I first wrote about publishers. It did get me thinking, surely there must be a publisher that deserves attention for not being a metaphorical incarnation of evil and capitalist extremism. If there is truly only anomalies to the norm than that really is a horrible indictment on the gaming industry.

In personal news: My MRI scan on 22 January 2016 went well, whilst it wasn’t as claustrophobic as the tunnel scanner, it was still somewhat due to the size of the machine.


Author: Batjutsu

Writer, role-player, games master, martial artist, programmer, disabled but not giving up.

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