First blog post – writing, finishing and where to start

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


So, I am finally working on my first blog post and I immediately hit what I imagine to be the common issue: where to start? Because I have RSI I use Dragon NaturallySpeaking, although it is an amazing speech recognition program it has yet to gain the function to answer me. So I messaged a friend and in the process of waffling about the fact I wasn’t sure whether to put the idea of blogging back on indefinite hold, or trying to fit as much information as possible into the very first blog post! I received some great replies like “The blank page is not your enemy.” & “Do you need to reread The Art of War?” It struck me that whilst the idea of writing a ‘why I post’ overview is cliché, there is a reason why that type of post is so common.

I have chosen to write (speak) a blog since I’ve spent the last year being very busy trying to turn one of my many ideas into something more useful. This year finishing a project is not my enemy, letting go of something isn’t my enemy. I understand that peer pressure can greatly motivate us, but I have intentionally avoided discussing ideas or thoughts in any kind of public way since leaving my job as a game designer and role-playing games master. I have gotten in to a habit of writing/designing things to a level that I am happy with, but then I get distracted by another idea; I hadn’t felt the need to finish anything professionally, since I have not been a professional for years, and thus I have no deadline. Whilst at University I had to finish things, so I got the urge to complete something out of my system, to a degree (pun intended). Earlier this year I discussed my plans with friends and family to focus on finishing a big project, so posting about this on the Internet is the next big step. More importantly than peer pressure, thankfully I want to finish the things I am working on, and I have not gotten bored.

Author: Batjutsu

Writer, role-player, games master, martial artist, programmer, disabled but not giving up.

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